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You can't adopt but would still like to change a life?
Become a sponsor.

There are animals in our care that are searching for their dream sponsor who will take care of their monthly needs. By donating monthly, you help us to survive and offer our rescued animals the best care they deserve.

Only 4 simple steps to become a monthly sponsor.


Choose a dog or cat you would like to sponsor monthly. To find your animal you can either have a look at the gallery below (click on the pictures to read about their stories) or contact us (message on Facebook or via email to find out which of our animals are still urgently looking for a monthly sponsor.


You choose the monthly amount. Depending on how much you are able to give on a regular basis - we understand that the financial capabilities of people vary. This can be from 10 EUR to up to 30 EUR per month.


Set up your monthly money transfer. Please have a look at our donation page to see what donation ways we can offer. 


And please don't forget:

Send us a short message with the name of your chosen animal. Once everything is set up, please send us a message on Facebook or via email on to let us know the animal that you decided on to sponsor. You will then receive your biggest thank you from us!


of thank you

from all of us.

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