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Star was found on the road side in very bad condition. She had no fur and was very underweight. Star was brought to the DCRS (Dog & Cat Rescue Samui) which is a larger rescue centre on the island. Francoise then took her into the sanctuary from there in 2019, where she got the support to get her health sorted and now looks like a completely different dog. Star is also currently in need of a sponsor, if you would like to help Star to keep living her best life then go onto our sponsor page



Verita was found in a Thai house. She was only a puppy and was found disabled and with a large wound; she had little to no function of her back two legs. She was given away and so Francoise took her back to the sanctuary. Verita still cannot use her back legs properly but she goes on daily walks with the other dogs while we hold her up, she wouldn't have survived on the streets and was given a safe haven to live out the rest of her life.

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