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When I came to Koh Samui, Thailand from Europe a long time ago, I quickly started to help the street dogs and cats. Many of those who crossed my life were living in a threatening and dangerous environment, left on the streets hurt and sick, or dumped in front of my house. From the first dog I took into my care, I knew I was going to dedicate my life towards helping them. I didn’t bring them to a shelter, but decided I would offer them a safe place in my own home, providing for them for the rest of their lives.

Francoise De Jaegher

founder & owner of Happy Tails Koh Samui, Thailand

Francoise DeJaegher Happy Tails Dog Cat Sanctuary Koh Samui

Today around 57 dogs and 38 cats call the sanctuary their home. They are all coming from different backgrounds - living in dangerous environments, left on the street hurt or sick, abandoned, or dumped in front of the shelter. In addition, we take care of some street dogs in our area who have no one to look after them, keeping them healthy with medical treatments and their hungry mouths satisfied.

We do not receive any governmental financial help, so every sort of support is needed to be able to continue our work. In form of sponsorships of a dog/cat, donations, helping out on site, sharing our message and many more. None of it is possible without your support!


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