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We are excited to welcome you soon at our little paradise! In order for us to do our best to prepare everything for your arrival, include you in our schedule and also plan your accommodation we would kindly ask you to fill out this form as soon as you have your exact travel dates.

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Personal details

Our Happy Tails group communicates via WhatsApp.

Name, relation, phone number

Please note that cats live in all of our houses and are allowed on beds.

Travel details

Please do not change your departure date once you have confirmed it to us! While leaving earlier than planned is not welcome, extending your stay is almost always possible.

You should arrive one day before your first shift and leave one day after your last shift.

Please note that for the high season (October until May) 6 weeks and for the low season (June until September) 30 days are the absolute minimum. This does not include the arrival day at the volunteer house and your departure day (if you are not doing a shift). If you are coming for 4 weeks, this means you would have to schedule at least 32 days.

Please apply a maximum of 3 months before your arrival date!


Yes, I read through the website and all FAQs. By helping out at the sanctuary I will be provided with standard accommodation as mentioned. I understand that if certain issues occur, I might be asked to leave by the owner.

Thanks for submitting!

We will soon get in touch with you via WhatsApp.

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