a volunteer or helper.

Volunteering at our small charity organisation is very rewarding, but can be challenging both physically and mentally. The better you read through the provided info below and the PDF that you can download directly from this page, the better your experience will be - you will learn lots personally and professionally during your time here.

Must read before coming here.

This is not to scare anyone off, but to just give an important input as to what to expect. The better prepared you are, the better your experience will be for all of us. We need your commitment - short-notice cancellations and people that are leaving earlier than planned are putting us in a very hard position.

Minimum commitment

Preferably 1 month

In need of accommodation? Please also read points 8 to 11.


There is a lot of cleaning involved. Every single day. Sweeping, mopping, doing the dishes, cleaning dog poo, raking and lots more. Basically all of the work, except the cuddling, is physical work. Arrive in clothes ready to get dirty!


We follow a certain routine every single day. This is especially important for any place with a high amount of animals. With that being said, we love proactive people who see tasks outside the routine, or give ideas on how to improve things.


Please keep in mind that we are a sanctuary, which focuses on providing animals a safe home for the rest of their lives – those who have had a tough life before coming to us. We do not have a high turnover of animals. Adoptions to good homes are welcome though, of course.


The first days can be overwhelming, that is totally normal. Lots of names and things to learn, barking dogs in packs, the heat – try to stay attentive and ask questions, you will see that within a short time it will be so much easier already.


We need volunteers who are committed to the cause. Even in their free time. We are here for the animals - not to nurture our ego, seek free accommodation or meet lots of people. You should be a team player that is easy-going, self-motivated, with common sense - time usually doesn't allow us to give lots of feedback, we are busy with the animals!


Being able to/learning how to drive an automatic scooter or motorbike is highly recommended. This way you can easily get to/from the sanctuary and discover the island during your free time. You can rent them everywhere on the island. Any other transportation will be expensive. Also, just fyi - a license from your home country is required for your insurance to cover an accident/hospitalisation.


The volunteer work at the sanctuary runs in shifts. The morning shift lasts from 9am to 1pm, the evening shift from 4.30pm to 7pm. Depending on your capacity, we are grateful for every shift that you can help out with! If you'd like Francoise to participate in your monthly rent (please see /08), you will help out either in the morning or afternoon each day, with the exception of one full working day and one day off. There's lots of time for you to relax, but of course you are also always welcome to spend more time at the Sanctuary.


Video by former volunteer Romain © Romain Baud Productions


If you are staying 2+ months, we will be able to participate in your monthly rent. There are 2-3 places which rent out bungalows in Thong Krut area and therefore close approximation to the sanctuary - what do they usually look like? Wooden Thai style, simple and not luxurious. Surrounded by the jungle, in a Thai neighbourhood - being part of their community (no partying). Everything is quite open. Mosquito nets are usually provided, but you should not be afraid of insects. Within walking/driving distance to the Sanctuary and local beach. No air-con, just fans. Mattresses are hard, which is common in Asia.


All of our income is entirely dependent on donations, so we are not able to offer any food. Drinking water is provided at the sanctuary during your working hours.


If you plan on just coming for volunteering, consider some days before and/or after for traveling/sightseeing only, so you won’t have to change dates once you are here. Also, if you fly directly from f.e. Europe or the US, you might need some resting time before starting.


Read through our PDF Guide carefully. Once you decide on this adventure, and know your exact travel dates, please message us here on Facebook. Afterwards you can also join our Happy Tails Squad Whatsapp group by sending us your number - there other volunteers will be happy to answer questions you might have. We're looking forward to meeting you!