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At our sanctuary every person is welcome.
Please message us via email or on Facebook so we can arrange a date.

We can not accept visitors at all times as we are a smaller sanctuary & have a tight schedule each day when it comes to taking care of our dogs and cats. Also, we would like for each visitor to have a great time here and give them a little tour!

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You'd like to
meet us?
Map Happy Tails

You can learn about what we do, how you can help and of course – get to know our lovely dogs and cats. They live in packs in different enclosures and often run around freely, just something to bear in mind if you come visit the sanctuary (in case you are a bit afraid of them). Also, they might jump up on you as they love to greet new guests – no fancy clothes necessary – just your kindness and attention to them.


Even though you can find our sanctuary on Google Maps, you won't find a road that leads to us. This is because of the fact that we are situated on a dirt road that won't show on Google Maps. To visit us, it will help if you use the following tips.

Koh Samui, Thailand, Thong Krut area
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To see where we are on Google MapsClick here.

Name of the road, from where the dirt road starts: Santi Sook 2 Rd, Tambon Taling Ngam

To find the the exact turning point, where our dirt road begins: Click here.

At exactly this point, please turn right. Keep following the dirt road (around 200m). You will soon see our sanctuary on the left hand side - and of course, hear many dogs bark.

As we are located bit further inside the jungle with no concrete road, please beware if you are coming by a smaller car (pickups, jeeps etc. are fine) – it might get stuck! In this case please park in the beginning of the dirt road.



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